Art-Project “You are special for me”

 At 2011 I had had a project for people I know, who were inspiring me at that moment. I made a special birthday present for those people. Just before the date, I was sitting at the table with a lot of different magazines/images and I let my mind go, thinking about the person in question. I took every picture or words from there, that I associated with the qualities that person has. So after this work was done, I had a collection to make a…

My artwork for the world to see

As I started to do what I like my artwork began to build up in my portfolio. To share it with the world I already used some online channels like: Instagram mrs fivefingers on Instagram Facebook 5FNG on Facebook Youtube 5FNG on Youtube This site will contain the whole of my portfolio and what you see on this site is for sale. If I already sold it you can always ask me if I take commissions 😉